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Framer Basic

Framer Basic is intended for start-ups with the production of up to 10 houses per year.
This DIY delivery system minimizes investment and offers a sophisticated assembly system for all panel types.

Mounting tables are not only the domain of large companies. The production of panels on mounting tables brings a number of advantages to smaller companies.

  • Increase in production volume with the same staffing levels

  • Improved quality control

  • Increase in staff performance

Modular assembly that enables you to create an assembling table at very low cost. You can provide the wooden base yourself and we add our Framer technology to complete the assembling table.


  • Removable extension for gable walls (800 mm)

  • Stop for easter board

  • Beam with stop pins for ceiling and roof panels

  • Clamp revolving board for skew parts

  • Rollers for panel movement

  • Raster assembling board