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Woodworking Shredding & Chipping Machines

Mütek shredders are designed to shred all kinds of waste material, including hard and soft woods, chipboards, OSB and plywood panels, as well as construction timbers, paper and cardboards. The sturdy steel construction allow for continuous operation. The knives are available in various designs for all kinds of material and feature a low wear and can rotate several times before they have to be replaced.

The screen is made of a heavy welded construction and the screen size defines the size of the chips. The feeding works either automatically or manually. The material to be shred is filled into the hopper and the machine determines the optimal feeding rate, thereby giving the highest through put available. The chips can then be delivered out of the machine by means of suction, conveyor belt or conveyor screw and once the material is shredded completely, the machine turns off automatically.


As standard mütek grinders include:

  • Fast hydraulic
  • Profile rotor
  • Second row of knives
  • Control cabinet with Siemens PLC
  • Automatic Star/Delta Switch
  • Automatic stop when hopper is empty
  • Removable exhausting channel
  • 70 - 100 Rotor turnings for higher throughput
  • Cycle control in order to prevent idling
  • Performance-enhancing pacing of hydraulic sliders