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5 Bag Carousel Unit

The Falach 5 Bag Carousel Unit automatically bags your briquettes direct from any woodworking machine. Its carousel feature can distribute the briquettes evenly into each bag or box so that you won’t need to watch over the CNC woodworking machine whilst the briquettes are being made.

Fill even more bags with briquettes

Each bag from this woodworking machine contains approximately 20/25kgs of briquettes, depending on the material that is being used. The unit fills all 5 bags in roughly 1-3 hours, however, this depends on which model the bag has been attached to. 

The Falach 50 can manufacture briquettes from general sawdust and will fill 5 bags automatically. Over 2 hours, it fills 20kgs of briquettes in every bag.

Plastic Bags to fit the Carousel are available in a pack of 50. 

Environmental-friendly boxes are also available in packs of 50.

5 bag carousel

Price on application

If you are interested in finding more about our Falach 5 Bag Carousel Unit, you can visit one of our showrooms to try out this remarkable woodworking machine. Call 01636 918280 for more information.