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5 Bag Carousel Unit

The Falach 5 Bag Carousel Unit will automically bag your briquettes direct from any machine. The carousel turns automically insink with the speed at wich the machine makes the briquettes fill each bag/box evenly, this means you do not have to stand over the machine while the briquette are been made.

Each bag contains approximatley 20/25kgs depending on the material and will take between 1-3 hours to fill all 5 bags, (depending on which model it is attached to).

Example: Falach 50 making briquettes from general sawdust will fill 5 bags automically with 20kgs per bag in 2 hours.

Plastic Bags to fit the Carousel are avialable from IWMachines in: Pack of 50. 

5 bag carousel

Environmental friendly boxes are also available from iWMachines in: Packs of 50

                 PRICE ON APPLICATION.