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Falach Cube 20 Briquette Machine

falach 20 briquette machine      

With the recent Clean Air Strategy announcement by the government and the drive to reduce landfill, Briquette machines are coming to the forefront. With fuel cost rising the Cube 20 Briquette Machines will turn your wood shavings, chips and dust into carbon neutral briquettes eliminating the cost of skips and sending your waste to landfill. It has become one of our best sellers within the joinery industry as it is compact, economical and affordable.


Technical data of briquetting press Cube 20

The table below will provide informations about important technical parameters of briquetting press Cube 20.

Type identification:FALACH Cube 20  
Dimensions – lenght – width – height 125 – 74 – 112 cm
Briquette size 30×30x30 mm
Press capacity 10 – 25 kg/hr.
Weight of press 233 kg
Hopper volume 0,33 m3
Pump motor input 2,2 kw
Power consumption 1,1 kw/hr.
Oil cooler no
Operation continously
Max. Moisture 15%
Specific weight of briguettes 900 – 1100 kg/m3
Maximum noise level 68 dB

The equivalent level of acoustic pressure at the operator´s post does not exceed 70,0 dB ( 68 dB ).

Special Price: £6500+VAT  Ex Works Newark

falach cube 20 briquette machine      


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