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Falach Briquette Machines

falach briquette machine

Falach 30

  • 25-35 Kilos Per Hour Production
  • 50mm Dia Briquettes                  
  • Price POA

Falach 35

  • 30-40 Kilos Per Hour Production
  • 50mm Dia Briquettes                  
  • Price POA

Falach 50

  • 40-60 Kilos Per Hour Production
  • 50mm Dia Briquettes                  
  • Price POA

Falach 70

  • 60-80 Kilos Per Hour Production
  • 70mm Dia Briquettes                  
  • Price POA

Falach 100

  • 90-120 Kilos Per Hour Production
  • 70mm Dia Briquettes                  
  • Price POA


All Machines can be fitted with a Five Bag Carousal to collect all the briquettes into separate bags  

5 Bag Carousel Unit for Falach 30-50  POA
5 Bag Carousel Unit for Falach 70-100  POA

With the recent Clean Air Strategy announcement by the government and the drive to reduce landfill Briquette machines are coming to the forefront. With fuel cost rising our Falach range of Briquette Machines will turn your wood shavings, chips and dust into carbon neutral briquettes eliminating the cost of skips and sending your waste to landfill. With over 250 installed throughout the UK, it has become one of the best sellers within the joinery and related industries. We would be happy to put you in touch with a local firm near you to get their take on how much it has helped their business.

These environmentally machines can also help you to create an additional income whilst also saving you money, a Falach 50 can produce up to 50kgs of Briquettes an hour, in one week you could have as many as 150 x 10kgs sacks selling for anything up to £2.50-£3.00 a sack, a possible yearly income of £12500+ (based on 35-40 weeks). Alternatively use them to heat your workshop, giving you FREE heat over the winter months.


Superior Design Features are the main reason why the Falach Briquetter is so popular:

Funnel shaped hopper to allow the material to reach the hydraulic Piston to manufacture solid briquettes. 

Machine is fitted with vertical agitator inside the funnel shaped hopper which ensure that the saw dust and other waste material are fully charged into the pressing chamber to make a very hard briquette, this in turn makes them burn longer, as apposed to the horizontal agitators which do not fully charge the pressing chamber and can produce a softer briquette.

They have a Chromed Piston and Press Chamber, which is very hard wearing as apposed to steel piston and chamber prone to wear and ridged surface on the briquette.

Electrical Interlocked lid when filling by hand provides a very safe environment and prevents clouds of dust when filling the hopper from the extraction bags.

Hydraulic cooler fitted to the Falach 50 and Falach 100 ensuring continuous use, also fitted with Potentiometer to control the optimum length of the briquettes for the material been used. 

The 5 Bag Carousel Unit providing a solution of storage into easy to handle bags that can be sealed so as to not let damp enter. Bags can easily stored on top of each other. Machines are designed for continues use and do not need cooling down after a few hours of use.

Our unique showroom with demonstration machines allows you to send in your material for testing before you buy.


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