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Crossline 650 G Automatic Crosscut Saw


The Crossline 650 G is an automatic crosscut saw. As this saw is designed for producing pressed gang-nail roof and house framing materials, it is versatile and cost-effective. Using a 650mm diameter turntable-mounted blade, the Crossline 650 G can create angled cuts of up to 70 degrees.

A servo-driven continuous system allows materials of unlimited length to flow into the machine for constant output automatically. Sensors automatically detect the material as it comes into the cutting zone for accurate and safe operation. Dual pneumatic clamps on both the upper and side zones in the cutting area keep the material in place for precision while cutting.

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Easy to integrate with production lines

Once the wood is in place, clamped, and the cutting angle is set, the blade rises automatically to cut the material. After the cutting job is complete, the article automatically moves from the cutting zone to the outfeed table.

The machine is versatile as it can be used in both manual or automatic mode. For automation, data can be controlled via WinCreator or your existing third party software (Must be BTL format). The Crossline 650G can seamlessly fit into your current operation. It can be integrated with production lines using conveyors and manipulators.

Key features of the Crossline 650 G

  • 650mm diameter saw blade
  • 75kW motor
  • Cutting angle up to 70 degrees
  • Rack and pinion brushless drive clamping loading device
  • Unloading driven roller for finished materials
  • 10-inch touchscreen 
  • Automatic workflow for batches