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Save time on Wooden Window Production with IWM Woodworking Machines


Wooden windows are an iconic part of British architecture/ From the very beginning, you have developed your own way of producing windows. What if there was a way to speed up your workflow, increase production and skyrocket sales?

Maximise your workflow with IWMachines

With Soukup machinery from IWMachines you will:

  • Accelrate workflow. You can make 15-20 wooden windows per day in the same amount of time.
  • See your return on investment in 9 months
  • Take on bigger enquiries and make more money by speeding up your workflow
  • Save up to 40% of time on window production
  • Lower your production costs by 30%, which is a great time-saving method!
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3 in 1 Machinery, Tools, and Software

Our machining centres produce high-quality windows and doors. From sliding sashescasements, and window horns, to traditional front doors. International Woodworking Machinery supplies you with machinery to help stream line the production of all your wooden windows and doors.

IWMachines supplies you with everything you need. A 3 in 1 combination of Machinery, Tools, and Software from one company is a convenient way to start your production now.

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“We simply could not deliver on time, however since installing the crafter with its flexibility and consistent accuracy, we have been able to deliver on time and the added benefit engage new contracts increasing our business” Simon Bartlett MD Woodbase Joiners


Invest in your business

Buying a new machine is a BIG investment. Working closely with Soukup Woodworking Machinery, you can be assured that our machines will produce incredible results. From increasing your margin by 40%, to a 200% growth in production levels. Sounds great, right?

“We knew instantly that the Soukup was the company to invest in with as this advice and knowledge is priceless when you are making such an investment which made our decision straightforward”Adam King, Wood & Wisdom Balcombe West Sussex

Satisfying customers with equipment that is a joy to use is our main goal. Our knowledgeable staff will always find the best machine for what you produce.

Low cost finances are also available with any IWMachine, from just £25 per week!


“With Ian’s knowledge and experience, I knew we would get the right machine for us. Everything came on time, the installation was quick and it was all set-up and ready to go in no time”Krystian Pawlak, PCW Windows

“Gentlemen, Thank you – much appreciated. The machine is great – it has speeded up production no end. Your team did exactly what they said they would do when they said they would do it – we are impressed. Very happy customer”Ian Selby, Timbawood Limited

“Compared to the way we made our windows and doors we would be lucky if we made 10-15 windows a week! But with the Soukup Crafter, in two days we can easily make at least 20 completed windows”Algis Stasiunas, West Joinery

“The training last week was beyond our expectations in both its length and thoroughness. Ian’s part should no be underestimated as he is always helpful in seeing things are running smoothly. Once again any thanks and we will be purchasing more Soukup Machines in the near future!”Ian Sanderson, Brothers