Complimentary Machines for Windows & Door Production

Our Complimentary Machines for Windows & Door Production Range

Hydraulic frame press FP Series

A frame press for gluing rectangular frames with three vertical clamps and a lateral clamp with two pistons.

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Pneumatic press for finger jointing of segmented arches

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Fourside planer and moulder GS-423, GS-523

Four-side moulder machine with 4 or 5 spindles is designed for planing and simple profiling suitable for medium scale production.

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Fourside moulder GN-5S23, GN-6S23

Four-side moulder machine with 5 to 8 spindles is designed for industrial profiling use. The high precision spindles create an extremely fine surface finish.

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Impregnation and basic coating

Impregnating tank for window elements and assembled frames before final coating.

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Spraying booth

Spraying box for prevention of over-spray into the working area. Constructed from cardboard on the outside and lined with a textile filter on the inside it is designed to contain spray particulates and provides partial filtration of gasses. The box is suitable for water-based paint.

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Overhead conveyor

For hanging finished frames. Can be interconnected with assembling areas.

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Assembling table KS 2400

The KS 2400 assembling table is designed for cutting and mounting whole frame hardware and for cutting glazing beads

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Mounting and glazing stand GW 2500

Vertical stand for assembling, adjustment and testing of windows.

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Assembling Equipment & Trolleys

Additional equipment for finishing windows, glazing, application of sealant

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