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Complete technological solutions for wooden houses manufacturers

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Cross-cut machines

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Crossline 500

The Crossline 500 automatic cross cut saw is designed to cut material to length for subsequent window and door manufacturing; it also suitable for use in other sectors of the woodworking industry.

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Crossline 650 Automatic Cross Cut saw

The Crossline 650 saw equipped with a turnable table for making angled cuts is suited to use in all sectors of the woodworking industry.

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Crossline 650 G

This variant is specifically designed for the preparation of material used in the production of frames for wooden houses and pressed gang-nail roof constructions.

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WING butterfly table is designed for producing of wooden prefabricated panels for walls, floors, ceiling, front gable walls.

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Vertical Panel Transporter

Transporters for wooden panels

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Finishing Line

Track storage for holding wall panels in a vertical position. Allows for finishing of the panel when it’s standing in the track, for example, for the installation of windows and preparation of facade systems.

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Framer Basic

Framer Basic is intended for start-ups with the production of up to 10 houses per year. This DIY delivery system minimizes investment and offers a sophisticated assembly system for all panel types.

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Framer Profi

Framer Profi is a basic technological solution for small and medium-sized companies, which has a production area equipped with crane manipulation.

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