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BrikStarEK Briquetting Machine Available for Immediate Sale

    Simple Control and Low Energy Consumption

    We are excited to offer a BrikStarEK briquetting machine, currently in stock and ready for sale. This machine is renowned for its simplicity and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for any briquetting operation.

    User-Friendly Operation

    The BrikStarEK is controlled with a single switch, thanks to a programmable control system designed exclusively for this press. This system ensures all necessary functions are automatic which allows for unattended operation. The press automatically stops when the material in the hopper is depleted, ensuring smooth and hassle-free use.

    Efficient Hydraulic System

    Powered by a 2.2 kW electric motor, the BrikStarEK features a hydraulic unit that drives its operation. The unique stepped design of the press bottom optimises the supply of material to the pressing chamber feeder from both sides, ensuring perfect emptying of the chamber. The square hopper has a volume of 0.6 m³ and includes a mechanically driven extracting cutter with five arms, providing ample time and space for material to move into the pressing chamber.

    Robust Pressing Mechanism

    The cylindrical pressing chamber is closed by a solid barrier on one side, allowing each briquette to be pressed with maximum force. The output varies based on the specific weight of the material, and the finished briquettes fall directly into a prepared bag. This efficient design minimises waste and reduces dust in your facility.

    Ideal Working Environment

    The BrikStarEK cannot be connected to an exhaust system or installed outdoors. Connecting the hopper to a pressure system could cause material to be blown out of the pressing chamber, but this risk is minimised with the open hopper design.

    Versatile Material Handling

    The BrikStarEK is designed to press materials without binders, provided they meet the following conditions: moisture content between 8% and 15%, dimensions smaller than 15 mm, and a bulk density of at least 70 kg/m³. It is ideal for pressing sawdust and shavings into high-quality briquettes.

    High-Quality Briquettes

    The briquettes produced by the BrikStarEK are cylindrical, with a diameter of 62 mm and a length of 20 to 30 mm. They boast a high heating value of 15 to 18 MJ/kg and can be used in all types of stoves, boilers, and incinerators for solid fuels. Their high heating value is especially beneficial in gasifying boilers. Additionally, briquetting reduces waste volume by eight times, leading to more cost-effective transport and storage.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your operations with the BrikStarEK briquetting machine. Contact us today to secure this high-performing machine for your facility.

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