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Press Machines

Presses come in different sizes and can be either heated or cold, and they are commonly used to press veneers or laminates onto boards, doors, and other woodworking components. They typically feature a hydraulic rise and fall mechanism, which allows for precise and controlled pressing.

The type of press that will be most suitable for your application will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and shape of the materials you will be working with, the type of veneers or laminates you will be using, and the level of precision and control you require.

Assembling table KS 2400

KS 2400Soukup Assembling Table KS 2400 The KS 2400 assembling table is designed for cutting and mounting whole frame hardware and for cutting glazing beads.…


SegmentSoukup Segment Press Machine Manually operated pneumatic press for finger jointing of segmented arches. Features two vertically adjustable clamping pneumatic pistons lateral stop for arch…

Mounting and glazing stand GW 2500

Frame PressSoukup Mounting & Glazing Stand GW 2500 Vertical stand for assembling, adjustment and testing of windows. The stand is equipped with one fixed shoulder…

Hydraulic frame press FP Series

Hydraulic Frame PressSoukup Hydraulic Frame Press FP Series A frame press for gluing rectangular frames with three vertical clamps and a lateral clamp with two…

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