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Woodworking Machines

Soukup Specialists

    Falach 30

    Horizontal Beam Saws

    Wood Edgebander

    Sliding Table Panel Saws

    Wood Shredding & Chipping Machines

    Casadei F255A – Spindle Moulder

    Wide Belt Sanders

    Thicknessing Machines

    CNC Routers

    Falach 20

    Falach 35

    Falach 50

    Falach 70

    Falach 100

    Five Bag Carousel Units

    Briquette Machine Accessories

    Drillex Work Centre

    Wizard Tenon

    Arcus Machining Centre

    Temac Tenoning Machine

    Wizard 3S

    Wizard 4L

    Salvamac Classic 50 Cross Cut Saw

    Crossline 500

    Crossline 650 Automatic Cross Cut saw

    Crossline 650 G

    One Bag Mobile Dust Extractor

    Dust Extractor Unit

    Fourside planer and moulder GS-423, GS-523

    Fourside moulder GN-5S23, GN-6S23

    COPENSTICK End Scribe Machine for Straight and Angle End Profiles

    Dan List PME 100 Endscribe Machine

    HEP Glazing Bead End Profile Scribing Machine

    Hydraulic frame press FP Series

    Mounting and glazing stand GW 2500

    Alpha-Brush Infinity Sander

    Assembling table KS 2400

    Pouwels – Stair Machines

    US Concepts – Specialist Stair Machinery

    Stair Cramps

    Assembling Equipment & Trolleys

    Spraying Booth

    Impregnation and basic coating

    Talbott T75

    Talbott T150

    Talbott T300

    Talbott T500

    Know-how Wooden Building

    Vertical Panel Transporter

    Finishing Line

    Framer Basic

    Framer Profi

    Robust SD45

    Robust SD60

    Robust SD70

    Robust SD90

    Robust SD90 XL

    Tilting Spindle Moulder

    Sliding Table Spindle Moulder

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