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Casadei Libra 35 Wide Belt Sander

Libra 35 Wide Belt Sander

Casadei Libra 35 Wide Belt Sander

Wide belt sanders, also referred to as Through Feed or Drum Sanders, are a type of woodworking equipment designed to sand narrow or wide timber components. They are equipped with one or two sanding belts and various head configurations to achieve the desired level of smoothness based on the grit used. The timber is placed on a feed mat that passes under the sanding belts, ensuring uniform sanding. These sanders are widely used in the woodworking industry for their ability to efficiently and accurately sand large quantities of timber components.

Reduce sanding time with the extremely versatile LIBRA 35 wide belt sander. The multipurpose sander provides the ability to sand and calibrate solid wood panels such as cabinet doors or face frames, in addition to the light sanding of veneer with the segmented platen and anti-dubbing feature.

The LIBRA 35 wide belt sander is an exceptionally adaptable and multifunctional machine that was designed for firms that are expanding and highly competitive.

This machine allows for the acquisition of components that have been correctly calibrated and sanded with very little financial outlay.

Flexibility: Sanding components made of solid wood is a recommended use. It is also possible to equip it for pre-sanding veneered panels before sanding them, and this may be done on either solid core or honeycomb core panels.

Sturdiness: Structure that is both compact and durable, excellent machining precision, user-friendliness, and protection for the operator all come standard.

  • Working width – 950 mm (LIBRA 35 – 95) | 1100 mm (LIBRA 35 – 110)
  • Min. ÷ Max. working height – 4÷170 mm
  • Sanding belt width – 970 mm (LIBRA 35 – 95) | 1115 mm (LIBRA 35 – 110)
  • Sanding belt length – 1900 mm
  • 2 feed speeds – 4,5-9 m/min
  • Feeding motor power (HP) – 0,33/0,55 kW (0,4/0,7)
  • Worktable raise and fall motor power (HP) – 0,25 kW (0,35)
  • Main motor power, versions with 1 or 2 operating units (HP) – 11kW (15) 50Hz

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