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Spray Booths For Wood Finishing

Woodworking spray booths are essential in the finishing process of wood items, ensuring a clean and smooth finish while reducing the risk of contamination and safety hazards. The choice of a spray booth depends on various factors, such as the size of the operation, budget, and specific needs. Our range of spray booths, including open faced, enclosed, and retractable models, provides options that cater to diverse demands. With our expert advice and assistance, businesses of all sizes, from large furniture manufacturers to individual woodworkers, can find the right spray booth to meet their needs and budget.

Impregnation Bath

Spray BoothsIWM - Impregnation & Basic Coating Bath An impregnating bath is a process used for window elements or assembled frames before the final coating.…

Spraying Booth

Extractor Spraying BoothIWM - Wood Finishing Spray Booth With Extractor An extractor spray booth for wood finishing is an essential piece of equipment for any…

Assembling Equipment & Trolleys

Assembling EquipmentSoukup Assembling Equipment & Trolleys Handy height adjustable table for application of gasket, hardware, or glazing. Radial arms are extendable to 1.2 metres in…

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