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4 Sided Planer / Moulders

When it comes to achieving a superb finish on timber, an industrial woodworking planer with heads on the top, sides, and bottom is an essential tool for any woodworking shop. This type of planer is designed to plane wood on all four sides, ensuring that it is straightened and squared for a high-quality finish.

Fourside moulder GN-5S23, GN-6S23

Four-sided Planner MoulderSoukup Fourside Moulder GN-5S23, GN-6S23 Four-side moulder machine with 5 to 8 spindles is designed for industrial profiling use. The high precision spindles…

Fourside planer and moulder GS-423, GS-523

Four-Sided Planner MoulderSoukup Fourside Planer & Moulder GS-423, GS-523 Four-side moulder machine with 4 or 5 spindles is designed for planing and simple profiling suitable…

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