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Woodworking machinerywoodworking machiner

We have a full range of woodworking machinery from other major manufacturers. We can tailor your specific requirements to what you are looking for, call us to discuss your needs.


Briquette Machine
Briquette Machines

We have a full range of Briquette Machines, which will allow you to turn your wood waste into renewable energy, reducing the need for skip hire and landfill. We have five models to choose from…


Used machinery
Used machinery

We have a wide of used and reconditioned machinery available for sale. Our stock is constantly changing if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.


Mighton X-Cross Cut
Mighton X-Cross Cut Glazing Bead Jointing Machine

This Semi-automatic joint cutting machine will produce perfect joints on glazing beads simply and efficiently. Simple to use, this machine is supplied with tooling and will cut through many different types of wood…


Mighton End Scribe
Mighton End Scribe Bead Machine... Scribe-ItTM

This semi-automatic end scribe machine will scribe the end of timber quickly and efficiently, Simply to use, this machine is supplied with a set of tooling and will cut through many different types of wood...


Machining centres for windows

Machining centres for windows & doors

Our team has been involved with the development and production of machines for window manufacturing since 1996. From the beginning we focused on small and medium sized businesses, proposing solutions that met their individual needs.


Window projects
Window projects

The correct choice of window manufacturing machinery coupled with careful preparation of the window design in conjunction with the tooling manufacturer are key factors to successful production. Our team has the technical knowledge and practical experience to cope with the most demanding projects and can offer tailor made solutions for your business.

The New Generation of the UK Window 

Energy EfficientOur team has put together a Standard Catalogue of designs for the most popular windows in the UK. Technical details will meet Building Regulation requirements for mechanical, thermal, weather and acoustic performance of windows. A BFRC Energy Efficient Window can be achieved and will allow for increased sales through carefully structured marketing, CE marking is now a reality for all fenestration manufacturers using our dedicated window designs.

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Talbott T Range

The Talbott T range hand fed units are available in four different sizes: the Talbott T75, T150, T300 and T500. They are the UK’s original range of hand fed wood burning heaters and are ideal to use wood off cuts, briquettes and other renewable as a fuel for factory space heating.


Technology for wooden houses
Technology for wooden houses

We can create a comprehensive solution for wooden panel manufacturers, precisely to their needs, with flexibility to grow in line with changing production demands.

Latest reference: In July 2018 we installed technology for wooden houses in Chinese Hubei. One Estonian-Chinese manufacturing company has invested in the technology for assembling tables in the fast-growing Chinese market. 



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International Woodworking Machinery

is a company that specialises in supplying machines for the production of wooden windows. Working closely with Soukup Woodworking Machinery who specialises in the manufacture of these machines, we have in the last 8 years equipped many workshops and business throughout the United Kingdom. and our goal is to satisfy our customers with equipment that is a joy to use.


Todi & Boys

Significant installation of SOUKUP machines at London joinery firm Todi & Boys.



>> SOUKUP Ltd. has become member of WMSA.

Newark MP

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IWM showroom

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We are proud to announce that SOUKUP machines Crafter and Versa won the WOOD-TEC Award prize.




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