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Casadei Sc 30 Sliding Table Panel Saw

Panel Saws

Casadei SC 30 Sliding Table Panel Saws

A panel saw is an essential tool for woodworking professionals who work with timber panels. This saw incorporates a sliding table that allows the timber panel to be moved alongside the cutting blade, providing a smooth and accurate cut every time.

One of the most critical features of a panel saw is its dual-blade system. The main blade, which cuts from above, is complemented by a scoring blade from below.

The scoring blade serves to reduce brake out on the material edges during the cutting process, resulting in a clean and precise cut. This feature is particularly useful when working with expensive or delicate materials, as it minimises waste and reduces the amount of rework required.

The circular saw SC 20 with a tilting blade and 1600 mm. carriage is a compact machine but with high-level performance that ensures excellent results in any working condition. Precision, smooth running and absence of maintenance are unique features of the sliding table.

The SC 30 circular saw is very sturdy and of excellent construction quality. The carriage which slides on prismatic guideways, the ribbed cast iron worktable and the saw unit made entirely of cast iron, allows even large-sized parts to be precision machined with ease. Sturdiness, reliability, precision and ease of use are the main features of this product. Flexibility: The carriage which slides on prismatic guideways, the ribbed cast iron worktable and the saw unit made entirely of cast iron, allows even large sized parts to be precision machined with ease. Ergonomics: ergonomically positioned control panel at the front of the machine. Sturdiness: Heavy duty cast iron saw unit with vertical raise & fall of the main blade over a precise dove-tail system. Tilting system over robust steel trunnions.

  • Fixed table dimensions – 560 x 840 mm
  • Max. diameter of saw blade with scoring unit installed – 315 mm
  • Saw blade tilting – 90° ÷ 45°
  • Max. saw blade projection at 90° with blade – 315 mm 100 mm
  • Max. squaring stroke – 2250 mm
  • Standard cutting width on rip fence – 900 mm
  • Motor power at 50 Hz (S6-40%) – 4 kW / 5.5 Hp
  • Motor power at 60 Hz (S6-40%) – 4.8 kW / 6.5 Hp

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