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Stair Machines

Stair machines, also known as stair stringer machines, are used in the woodworking industry to produce staircases. These machines are specifically designed to cut the stringers, or the structural supports of the staircase, to precise dimensions and angles. They can be manual or automated, and can be equipped with various tools such as routers, saws, and drills to create different types of staircases. With a stair machine, woodworkers can produce high-quality, custom-made staircases efficiently and accurately.

Stair Cramps

Stair CrampsIWM 4 Piston Hydraulic Stair Cramp IWM 4 Piston Hydraulic Stair Cramps 4.5 metre are capable of cramping both “open plan” and “wedged” stairs 800mm to 1200m…

US Concepts – Specialist Stair Machinery

Specialist Stair MachineryUS Concepts INC. Specialist Stair Machinery IWM are the UK Agents for the specialist machinery manufacturer US Concepts who manufacture a special range of Stair and Handrail Machines working closely…

Pouwels – Stair Machines

Stair Making MachinesPouwels DEF-50 Stair Making Machine If you’re a bespoke specialist manufacturer seeking precision and efficiency, Pouwels’ DEF 50 is a game-changer. This brilliant…

IW Machinery

Woodworking Machinery Designed for the Stair Manufacturing Industry

IW Machinery

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