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Falach 100

Briquette Machine


    Falach 100 Briquette Machine

    IWM Falach Briquette Machines have established themselves as the UK’s Leading Choice of Hydraulic Briquette Machines converting wood waste and other materials into renewable energy briquettes which have been Certified to meet the “Clean Air Strategy” producing same heat as Coal and no Air Pollutants.

    Falach Briquetting Machines

    IWM Falach Briquette Machines have established themselves as the UK’s Leading Choice of Briquette Machines , “Tested & Certified” to meet the Governments  “Clean Air Strategy”  converting your wood waste into renewable energy high energy briquettes producing same caloric heat as coal without any air pollutants .

    • 90-120 Kilos Per Hour Production
    • 70mm Dia Briquettes
    • Dimensions   L x W x H   222 – 120 – 151cm
    • Weight of Press:  810kgs
    • Hopper Volume:  0.75 m3
    • Pump motor input:  11 KW
    • Power consumption:  8.2 KW/hour
    • Oil cooler:  Yes
    • Operation:  Continuous
    • Auto Reverse Vertical Agitator:  Yes
    • Automatic Switch-out:  Yes
    • Make noise level:  68dB
    • This machine is 3 phase   32 amp

    IWM 5 Bag Carousel Units  All our machines can be fitted with an optional Five Bag Carousel unit that will collect all your briquettes  and  separate them into different bags. 5 Bag Carousel Unit for Falach  100 £1250

    Funnel-shaped Hopper

    IWM Falach Briquette Machines have a unique funnel-shaped hopper that allows the wood waste material to fully load into the  hydraulic Chromed Piston to manufacture solid briquettes. Falach Briquette Machines are fitted with a Vertical Agitator to ensure that any waste materials are fully loaded into the pressing chamber to produce sturdy briquettes. As opposed to the horizontal agitators that are found in other woodworking machines that do not fully load the pressing chamber and produce softer briquettes.

    Chromed Piston & Press Chamber

    Falach Briquette Machines are fitted with a Hardened Chromed Piston and Press Chamber. The Result of Chromed Piston itself is hard-wearing compared to a steel piston, and a chamber that are prone to wear.

    Electrical Interlocked Lid

    The electrical interlocked lid allows to fill the machine hopper manually and  provides a total safe working environment for operators with the added advantage preventing clouds of dust when filling the hopper from extraction bags into the atmosphere.

    Hydraulic Cooler fitted to Falach 100 Model

    A hydraulic cooler and fan are fitted to the Falach 100 to ensure that the hydraulic oil is at optimum pressure. Potentiometre  Falach 100 Models are fitted with a adjustable Potentiometer providing greater control of the optimum length of the briquettes depending on the density of materiel being pressed.

    Optional 5 Bag Carousel Units

    The Automatic 5 Bag Carousel Unit collects the briquettes into 5 Bags each holding 20/25 Kilos and offers a perfect storage solution as the briquettes can be placed into easy to handle bags that can be sealed to keep damp air away. These bags can also be easily stored on top of one another for convenience.

    Falach 100

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