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Five Bag Carousel Units

Briquette Machine


    Five Bag Carousel Units

    Process your wood shavings and sawdust into renewable energy by using the Falach Cube 20 Briquette Machine.

    iWM Automatic 5 Bag Carousel Units

    We have Two  Carousel Units Available to cater with 50mm & 70mm Diameter Briquettes each Bag when full  contains approximately 20/25kgs of briquettes depending on the material . Example :  The Falach 50 produces 50 Kilos per hour of briquettes from general sawdust and will fill each of the 5 bags automatically in 2 hours.

    • Bespoke Made Carousel Units. Our carousels are universal and can be a made to fit most types of Briquette machines that are on the market today. (Please contact us for details)    See the picture in the gallery section.
    • We hold Spare Plastic Bags to fit the Carousel which are available in a pack of 50 at £19.95p +VAT ex Works Newark .
    • Environmental-friendly boxes are also available in packs of 50 POA.

    5 Bag Carousel Unit

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    5 Bag Carousel Unit

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