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Crossline 500 Cross Cut Saw

Crossline 500

Soukup Crossline 500 Cross Cut Saw

The Crossline 500 automatic cross cut saw has a ø500 mm saw blade. Fed via a servo driven electronic loading pusher, the saw is robust and efficient. There is a static unloading table where cut pieces are automatically placed. As well as standard cutting, the Crossline 500 can also be programmed to cut in pairs increasing your workshop efficiency further.


  • Fast and efficient crosscutting
  • Automatic work flow
  • Manual cutting list
  • Automatic material measuring
  • Servo driven electronic loading
  • Static unloading table

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Accurate and Efficient Cutting

Designed for crosscutting and using control software, this automatic woodworking saw is suitable for use in window and door manufacturing. With its vertically moving ø500mm saw blade, electronic loading pusher and a fixed unloading table, the machine can be easily integrated into a production line. Material handling conveyors and manipulators can be used in conjunction with the Crossline 500 for a complete window manufacturing line. Accuracy is assured with dual clamps in both the upper and side positions. Securely holding the workpeice in place, the clamps automatically release once the cutting process is complete. An optional label printer can be used to attach labels for easy identification and construction of completed elements. The Crossline 500 can be used with data from WinCreator and other compatible software programs. The accuracy and efficiency of this crosscutting saw coupled with the option to integrate it with other woodworking machines in the production line, make this machine an essential addition to your workshop.

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  • Saw blade ø500 mm
  • Saw blade motor 5kW (10HP)
  • Setting precision +/- 0.5mm
  • Loading pusher speed 0-60m/min
  • Maximum timber length 6m
  • Industrial PC Beckhoff with touchscreen
  • Cut Angle – 90°
  • Max. cutting height – 120 mm
  • Feed speed – 0 – 60 m/min
  • Saw blade motor – 5,5 kW (7,5 HP)
  • Tolerance – 0,5 mm/m
  • Dust extraction – 100 + 120 mm
  • Touch screen control – 7˝
  • Size – 11960mm (L), 1210mm (W), 1590mm (H)

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    Crossline 500 Automatic Cross Cut Saw

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    Crossline 500 Automatic Cross Cut Saw Machine

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