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Crossline 650

Cross Cut Saw


    Crossline 650 Automatic Cross Cut saw

    The Crossline 650 is an automatic crosscut saw machine featuring a 650mm diameter blade. The mounted saw turntable allows for angled cuts of up 70 degrees. A servo-driven loader automatically feeds this high-quality saw for quick and efficient operation.

    Crossline 650 Automatic Cross Cut Saw

    Scanners within the cutting area of the saw, detect the wood as it is fed into the machine. When the material is detected, the blade automatically raises to complete the required cut. For superior cutting accuracy, the Crossline 650 includes pneumatic clamps. Two side and two upper pneumatic clamps hold the piece securely in place during the cutting process.

    Operated by WinCreator 

    As the materials are placed within the machine, clamps are automatically deployed for securing during machine operation. Once the angle is set, the blade rises to carry out the required cut. After completion of the process, the material is automatically released and pushed from the cutting zone. Contents are seamlessly moved to the outfeed table once the manufacturing process is finished. The Crossline 650 can be operated in manual mode or automated with data from WinCreator or compatible third-party software. Optional elements include label printers for quick and easy identification of finished pieces.

    Crossline 650 Cross Cut Saw Specifications

    • 650mm diameter saw blade
    • 75kW motor
    • Cutting angle up to 70 degrees
    • Pneumatic clamps – dual upper and side
    • Automatic measuring of material
    • 10-inch touchscreen
    • Automatic workflow for cutting batches
    • soundproof design dust extraction outlet ø120 mm + ø100 mm
    Crossline 650
    Saw blade diameter650 mm
    Cut angle20° – 160°
    Material lenght6000 mm (8000)
    Max. cutting height160 mm
    Feed speed0 – 60 m/min
    Saw blade motor7,5 kW (10 HP)
    Tolerance0,5 mm/m
    Dust extraction120 + 120 mm
    Touch screen control12˝
    Lenght13350 mm
    Width1270 mm
    Height1805 mm

    Crossline 650 Automatic Cross Cut saw

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    Crossline 650 Automatic Cross Cut Saw Machine

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