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Salvamac One Bag Mobile Dust Extractor

Mobile Dust Extractor

Salvamac One Bag Mobile Dust Extractor

One bag mobile dust extractor, suitable for Small flow capacity and limited space.


  • Solid: 10 years Warranty on the hard steel structure.
  • High Performance: The motor power effect is increased by the special aspiration system.
  • Simple: Just a few seconds to change the collecting bags with special closing ring
  • Simmetric: Best calibration between filter and collecting bags.

The one bag mobile dust extractors are ideal for small-scale work and for those who operate in a limited space. They occupy a compact space and are suitable for small and medium-sized applications. They have a trolley so they are mobile and easy to move, extremely comfortable and easy to handle, for indoor and temporary use.

The dust extractors  series are available in different models and it is possible to have them in various versions: upper closing, with Atex or with cartridge.

One Bag System

  • Motor    Three Phase
  • Power    2 HP (1,5 KW)
  • Filtering bags h=1200    01 / Ø 500 mm
  • Collecting bags PVC    01 / Ø 500 mm
  • Dimension    1.180 x 580 x 2.460 mm
  • Aspiration hole      Ø 180 mm
  • Air Flow    2.500 m3/h

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    Mobile Dust Extractor

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