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Automatic Edge Banding Machine ECE-650K (Acrylic Edgebanding)

Pre-Fine Trimming Unit

•Equipped with a diamond-tipped sawblade.

Gluing Device, Catalyst Coating System, and Edge Pressure Rubber Belt

Gluing Device: Vertical (x1).

Catalyst Coating System: Includes a banding catalyst applicator and a catalyst mist spray.

Front and Rear End Trimming Units, Top and Bottom Trimming Units, Top and Bottom Corner Rounding Trimming Units, Front and Rear Corner Rounding Trimming Units

Top and Bottom Trimming: Straight knife cutterhead (x2).

Top and Bottom Corner Rounding Trimming: 1.5R profiled cutterhead (x2).

Front and Rear Corner Rounding Trimming: 1.5R profiled cutterhead (x2).


The ECE-650K automatic edge banding machine from E-Chain is designed to enhance high speed and high productivity. This machine employs quick dry glue, making it ideal for acrylic edge banding. With fully automated, high-speed operations, the ECE-650K delivers exceptional performance.

Key advantages of using quick dry glue include:

•No-gap banding

•Reduced glue consumption

•No glue overflow

•Enhanced security

•Seamless, attractive finish

The ECE-650K is the best choice for producing crystal and acrylic door panels.


Banding Strips: Acrylic

Glue: Quick dry glue

Working Thickness Range: 10-45mm

    Working length range 160 mm ~ up
    Working width range 65 mm ~ up
    Working thickness range 10~45 mm
    Banding strips thickness 0.4~3 mm
    Feed speed 5~15 m/min
    Net weight 3580 kgs
    Gross weight 3880 kgs
    Machine size (mm) 7500 x 800 x 1480 mm
    Packing size (mm) 8000 x 1050 x 1710 mm
    Banding strips Acrylic
    Glue Quick dry glue

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