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Four-sided Planner Moulder

New IWM Soukup Four-Sided Planer Model 180 PSE

Four-side moulder machine with 5 to 8 spindles is designed for industrial profiling use. The high precision spindles create an extremely fine surface finish.

This machine is a nice compact solution for planning all four sides of the timber at once.

Producing accurate timber sections up to 180 x 105 mm

Machine supplied complete with 180mm wide horizontal cutter blocks, edge referencing to straighten timber, and vertical blocks which give a superb finish from 2 feed speeds 6/12 Metres a Minute

The machine has 4 individual motors driving the cutter heads ( Not Shared Side Head Motors like Most Small Four Sided Planer .

The Machine is capable of machining 720ft of Square Dressed Timber in one hour compared to 180ft a hour on a Traditional Planer Thicknesser

This machine Planes 4 sides at once which is 400% more effective in One pass saving enormous amount of time and increased productively compared to hand feed surfacers planers and mechanician thicknessers which difference surface finishers which has to be graded depending on the application with the IWM SOUKUP FOURSIDER THE SURFACE FINISH IS THE SAME ON ALL FOUR SIDES

The 1700mm straightening infeed table is capable of straightening components up to 1.7m and when you have long components the machine has first driven feed roller before the cutter block which can be quickly raised or lowered for the best straightening or lowered for automatic feed.

Machine supplied with Electrical Interlocked Safety Noise Reduction Hood with Vison Panels.

Machine Specifications

  • Maximum width 180 mm
  • Min-Maximum thickness 10-105 mm
  • Straightening table length, 1700 mm
  • Minimum length of the workpiece, 350 mm
  • For Multiple feed 250 mm
  • Spindle speed, 6000 rpm
  • Spindle diameters, 40 mm
  • Diameters of the cutter heads, 120 mm
  • Extraction dust hood diameter 2 x120mm +150mm
  • Required exhaust volume 2900m3/h
  • Working length of vertical spindles 120 mm
  • Feed speed 6 /12 m/min
  • Diameters of the feed rollers, 120mm
  • Height of the supply top from the floor, 920mm
  • 4 Independent Spindle Motors  Powers 4 x 4.0 kW each
  • Feed power, 0.8 / 1.1 kW
  • Total installed power, 17.1 kW
  • Operating voltage, 3 phase 400 volts 50 Cycles
  • Weight, 950 kg
  • Floor dims L2.8 x D1.2 x H1.55m*

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