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Exceptional Quality for Large-scale Applications

Designed for heavy cutting, extra-wide planing, and high productivity, the GL series moulder excels in handling large dimensions, such as moulding beams for wooden houses. Its robust and precise construction eliminates vibrations entirely, ensuring superior surface quality for wood pieces.

Equipped with a dynamically balanced spindle and hydraulic outboard bearing support, the moulder guarantees maximum stability during cutting operations. Optional straight jointer and profile jointer devices, coupled with computerized automatic position control, enhance operational convenience and cutting precision significantly.

Choose from optional 60 or 80 m/min high-speed feeds to achieve increased production output effortlessly. A pneumatic pressure roller with multiple-stage control maintains consistent pressure throughout the entire feed system, addressing challenges in extra-wide cutting scenarios effectively. The GAU JING GL series consistently delivers optimal solutions for large-scale cutting requirements.

  • MODEL GL-630 GL-730 GL-730A GL-830 GL-930
    Planing width 10-300MM 10-300MM 10-300MM 10-300MM 10-300MM
    Planing thickness 7-160MM 7-160MM 7-160MM 7-160MM 7-160MM
    Feeding speed (Inverter) 6-40M/MIN 6-40M/MIN 6-40M/MIN 6-40M/MIN 6-40M/MIN
    Min. working length 230MM 230MM 230MM 230MM 230MM
    Spindle speed 6000RPM 6000RPM 6000RPM 6000RPM 6000RPM
    Spindle diameter Φ50MM Φ50MM Φ50MM Φ50MM Φ50MM
    Vertical spindle adjustment (axial) 60MM 60MM 60MM 60MM 60MM
    Horizontal spindle adjustment (axial) 20MM 20MM 20MM 20MM 20MM
    1st bottom spindle Φ125-160MM Φ125-160MM Φ125-160MM Φ125-160MM Φ125-160MM
    Vertical spindle Φ100-200MM Φ100-200MM Φ100-200MM Φ100-200MM Φ100-200MM
    Top spindle Φ100-200MM Φ100-200MM Φ100-200MM Φ100-200MM Φ100-200MM
    Last bottom spindle Φ100-250MM Φ100-250MM Φ100-250MM Φ100-250MM Φ100-250MM
    1st bottom spindle 15HP 15HP 15HP 15HP 15HP
    Vertical spindle 10HP 10HP 10HP 10HP 10HP
    Top spindle 15HP 15HP 15HP 15HP 15HP
    Last bottom spindle 15HP 15HP 15HP 15HP 15HP
    Feeding motor (Inverter) 10HP 10HP 10HP 15HP 15HP
    Elevation motor 1HP 1HP 1HP 1HP 1HP
    Table adjustment 12MM 12MM 12MM 12MM 12MM
    Infeed table length 1800MM 1800MM 1800MM 1800MM 1800MM
    Feeding roller diameter Φ140MM Φ140MM Φ140MM Φ140MM Φ140MM
    Feeding roller width 3x50MM 3x50MM 3x50MM 3x50MM 3x50MM
    Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 4700x2020x1840MM 4900x2020x1840MM 5260x2020x1840MM 5600x2020x1840MM 5600x2020x1840MM
    Packing dimensions (LxWxH) 4900x2280x2120MM 5100x2280x2120MM 5460x2280x2120MM 5800x2280x2120MM 5800x2280x2120MM
    Net weight 6000KGS 6600KGS 7300KGS 7900KGS 8500KGS

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