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Hep Glazing Bead End Profile Scribing Machine

HEP Glazing Bead End Profile

IWM Soukup - HEP Glazing Bead End Profile Scribing Machine

The machine is safe and effective End-Scribing Profile machine for scribing the end of timber.

The compact design allows this bead machine to fit into your current production line easily. Improve the speed and efficiency of your window production without compromising on accuracy. Below are just some of the ways your business can benefit from using this machine in your workshop.

Simple 5 Step Operation:

  • Step 1.  Simple to operate, place material into the machine against the stop.
  • Step 2.  Pneumatic Clamp Hold the Material in position.  (Interlocked to start).
  • Step 3.  With Bead Clamped safely, press start.
  • Step 4.  Move the Beading left and right towards 2 Vertical Counter Rotating Spindles Eliminating break out, therefore producing a perfect End Scribe Profile.
  • Step 5.  Stop machine and simply release and remove the beading. Repeat the process if required.

We can supply the iWM HEP End Profiler with one set of cutters made to your bead profile, made and supplied within 7-10 days,  and is set up ready for you to simply plug in and play. (Contact us for details).

  • Electrical requirement: 220-240V 50-60hz
  • Air supply requirements (regulator supplied): Min 6 bar/ Max 8 bar 2 litres/min
  • 6 Spindle Speeds 5000,7700,12,000,16,500, 21,000 & 25,000 RPM
  • Number of cutters: 2 Spindles Counter Rotating to Eliminate Breakout
  • Maximum width of timber profile to be scribed: 50mm
  • Minimum width of timber profile to be scribed: 12mm
  • Maximum height of timber profile to be scribed: 35mm
  • Minimum height of timber profile to be scribed: 10mm
  • Minimum length of timber profile to be scribed: 100mm
  • Approx cutting cycle time (dependant on timber & profile): 15 seconds
  • Extraction outlet diameter: 75m

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