The UK SERIES Soukup CNC Window Centre Model CRAFTER has become the leading choice of Many UK Joinery Companies who wanted to increase productivity by 40% and manufacture efficiently at least 10/15 Box Sliding Sash 15/20 Casement Windows & Doors each Day with just One Operator .  It is the only machine on the market to optimise productivity for Box Sliding Sashes, Casements & Doors with our standard Soukup Wincreator Software . Find out how you can also increase your productivity and profits by simply completing the Tick Box Survey to receive a  3 in 1 Total Package Price for a Soukup Crafter complete with Software & Tooling , Delivered, Installed & including Operator Training in your Workshop
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Production is an important factor that all businesses need to consider if they want to maximise sales. The Soukup CRAFTER makes this goal achievable as the machine can be used in small workshops to speed up production. Move your workshop to the next level. The CRAFTER is controlled by the Soukup WinCreator software that allows for faster optimised windows production, producing 10/15 Box Sliding Sash 15/20 Casement Windows & Doors each Day with just One Operator The Soukup UK SERIES CNC Window Machine has been Uniquely developed by Soukup & IWMachines to manufacture UK Style Window & Doors ,  The Soukup CRAFTER, has become to leading choice of UK Joinery Companies due to the fact  that it can produce a large quantity of high-quality windows made from wood, Box sliding sashes, Casements & Doors , Conservatories plus General Joinery with just one Operator. Unique Horizontal Horn and Trenching Spindle  The Machines Unique Horizontal Milling Spindle will create the horns for your windows, ranging from sashes and trench slots for pulley stiles on heads and cills . Crafter.pdf

The sliding box operation

  • tenoning and profiling of box parts intended for balance springs
  • notching of cill part for interior lining bead
  • profiling of divided cill in part
  • trenching of slot in cill and head for pulley stiles
  • cutting operation for moulded pulley stiles, lining beads, cill extension
NB. Pulley stiles, lining beads, head and cill extension are moulded off-line

The sliding sash operation:

  • milling of horns in different moulds
  • open tenons and slots
  • profiling of traditional bevelled meeting rails
  • adapting of meeting rail slots to parting bead
  • outside profiling and grooving for cord, gasket or balance springs
NB. Mortising of sash stiles is made off-line

Casement operation:

  • tenoning and profiling of frames
  • tenoning and profiling of casements with shorted rails tenon for stormproofing
  • recovering of glazing beads and sticking bars from frame rebate
  • tenoning and profiling of casements with full machining of components without stormproofing (flush, stormproof & high performance windows)
Antisplitting spindle jumping on the corner has been minimised with the original Soukup machine. During the double cycling of tenoning, the CRAFTER makes sure that any cross wood parts have been suitably milled out. As a result, this woodworking system means that milling of small sashes is easier than ever, where stability had once been an issue.

Horn unit placed on the tenoning side of the Crafter

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