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Impregnation & Basic Coating Bath

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IWM - Impregnation & Basic Coating Bath

An impregnating bath is a process used for window elements or assembled frames before the final coating. The impregnation bath involves submerging the wood in a solution that penetrates the surface to provide long-lasting protection against moisture, insects, and other environmental factors. The process ensures that the wood is properly prepared for the final coating, resulting in a finish that is more durable and long-lasting.


  • length 2500, 3000 or 4000mm
  • width 150mm
  • depth 350mm

Impregnating bath for window elements or assembled frames before final coating.

Impregnation of presquared machined components . Dipping in impregnation agent or base coat, draining and drying in storage trolleys. Dipping of whole frames by traditional window manufacturer.

Impregnation bath for hand soaking with a discharge outlet. The impregnation bath is manufactured in stainless steel and is available in three lengths. The bath has a drip tray for returning excess liquid from soaked pieces to the bath. A discharge outlet facilitates easy drainage of the bath.

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    Impregnation & Basic Coating


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