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Spraying Booth

Spray Booth

    Spray Booths

    Spraying Booth

    Spraying box for prevention of over-spray into the working area. Constructed from cardboard on the outside and lined with a textile filter on the inside it is designed to contain spray particulates and provides partial filtration of spray fumes. The box is suitable for water-based paint.

    Spraying Booth

    The spraying box is equipped with pneumatic control of air suction through the wall and air re-circulation. When not spraying, the spray gun is hung on an adjacent stand which automatically decreases suction on the wall to 1/3 of operational thus reducing energy consumption. The spraying box is mounted onto the floor with a pit of 3x2m in area for collecting excess spray. It is possible to replace the floor pit with a wooden or metal grate.


    The air recirculation plant warms up incomming air and creates a slight overpressure in the paint shop.

    Unit uses the building central heating system to heat the incomming air and is designed to cope with a minimum outside temperature of -15°C to achieve a recirculated air temperature of +22°C.

    Air Humidifier

    Essential to the paint spraying process is to have a controlled humidity environment for which we recommend the use of an Airfog Compact unit. This works on the principle of using compressed air and water in an atomising nozzle to create a fine mist which is highly efficient and controlable. The nozzles incorporate a self cleaning system which allows potable or deionised water to be used. The humidifier can be configured with one or two atomising nozzles to provide an output of 7-12kg/hr depnding on requirements.

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