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Stair Cramps

Stair Machines


    Stair Cramp Machine

    IWM 4 Piston Hydraulic Stair Cramps 4.5 metre are capable of cramping both “open plan” and “wedged” stairs 800mm to 1200m Widths

    Stair Machines - Stair Cramps

    • Machine capable of cramping both “open plan” and “wedged” stair construction.
    • 4 hydraulic cylinders ensures parallel movement  operated by a motorised pump with push-button starter
    • Simple lever function for parallel opening and closing operations.
    • 8 cramping bars at 500mm centres, which give easy access for assembly
    • Framework and side rails are of welded construction using heavy gauge box steel sections.
    • The cramping fingers are thick steel profiles, reinforced preventing deformation
    • Machine Base can be fitted with Wheels for Easy Movement or Adjustable Feet


    Length: 4.5 metres (Standard)  500mm increments available
    Width: 840 minimum width with 400 mm expansion = 1240mm Max
    Starter & lever: Left or Right (Clients Preference FOC Option )
    Pressure: Approx. 10 ton – Hydraulic Pressure
    Hydraulic  Ramps: 4 off providing perfect parallel movement
    Clamp height: 400 mm
    Vertical: 8 off Vertical Clamping Bars at 500mm Centres
    Voltage: 380 /400 3 phase
    Delivery: 4 to 6 Weeks from Receipt of Order
    Weight: Approx  SC4M 500 k

    Stair Cramps

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