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Finishing Line

Wood House Technology

    Wood House Technology

    Finishing Line

    Finishing Line Track Storage

    Track storage for holding wall panels in a vertical position. Allows for finishing of the panel when it’s standing in the track, for example, for the installation of windows and preparation of facade systems. Carriages enable panels to be moved by hand along the track. A properly designed track prevents storage and expedition complications, which are the biggest source of “dead” production times. The total capacity of the storage facility should be able to store around a weeks worth of panel production.

    Line can be connected with our other technology for wooden houses.


    The proposed configuration of the finishing facility is dependent on the following parameters:

    • planned production capacity
    • maximum length of produced panels
    • level of panel prefabrication
    • handling equipment in the dispatch area
    • production area dimensions
    • material flow

    Finishing Line Storage

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