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ECT-Windotec Series

Working Table

The working table surface is hardened with chromate treatment. It offers a choice of automatic or manual handling controls and is equipped with horizontal and vertical air cylinders to hold the workpiece firmly in place.

Horizontal Milling System

The horizontal milling system features top and bottom horizontal milling units. Various models of the Windotec series have different configurations of working units.

Acrylic Guards

All cutting tools are equipped with acrylic guards to enhance user safety.

Vertical Milling System

The vertical milling system, like the horizontal one, has different configurations of working units across various models of the Windotec series.

Main Saw Unit

The main saw unit is an integral part of the system, ensuring precise and efficient cutting.

SPECIFICATION ECT-Windotec 3 ECT-Windotec 5 ECT-Windotec 6
Working table
Size 800 x 400mm 800 x 400mm 800 x 400mm
Fence length 2400mm 2400mm 2400mm
Compressed air 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs
Main saw unit
Motor horse power 5hp 5hp 5hp
Spindle speed 3000rpm(50Hz) 3000rpm(50Hz) 3000rpm(50Hz)
Spindle diameter 30mm 30mm 30mm
Sawblade diameter 450mm 450mm 450mm
Max. cutting height 150mm 150mm 150mm
Top and bottom horizontal spindles
Motor horse power 3hp x 2pcs 3hp x 2pcs
Spindle speed 3000rpm(50Hz) 3000rpm(50Hz)
Spindle diameter 40mm 40mm
Spindle length 150mm 150mm
Sawblade diameter 160mm 160mm
Vertical spindle 1
Motor horse power 10hp 10hp 10hp
Spindle speed 3000rpm(50Hz) 3000rpm(50Hz) 3000rpm(50Hz)
Spindle diameter 40mm 40mm 40mm
Spindle length 180mm 180mm 180mm
Cutter diameter 350mm 350mm 350mm
Vertical spindle 2
Motor horse power 10hp
Spindle speed 3000rpm(50Hz)
Spindle diameter 40mm
Spindle length 180mm
Cutter diameter 350mm
N.W. 1850kg 2200kg 2450kg
G.W. 2000kg 2350kg 2600kg
Machine size 2080x2700x1900mm 2740x2700x1900mm 3190x2700x1900mm
Packing size 2290x2000x2100mm 2850x2000x2100mm 3300x2000x2100mm

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