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Salvamac Classic 50 Cross Cut Saw

An appreciated technological solution is the cross-cutting saw.

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Crossline 500

The Crossline 500 automatic cross cut saw is designed to cut material to length for subsequent window and door manufacturing; it also suitable for use in other sectors of the woodworking industry.

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Crossline 650 Automatic Cross Cut saw

The Crossline 650 saw equipped with a turnable table for making angled cuts is suited to use in all sectors of the woodworking industry.

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Crossline 650 G

This variant is specifically designed for the preparation of material used in the production of frames for wooden houses and pressed gang-nail roof constructions.

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What is a crosscut saw?

In simple terms, a crosscut saw is any saw that is specially designed to facilitate easy cutting across the grain of wood. The standard design involves a handle and cutting blade. The blade has alternate cutting edges which let each tooth cut with one edge and push out cutting debris via the other. A normal cross cut saw will have around 8-15 teeth for every inch.

Increase your yearly income

Our range of automatic crosscut saws are specifically created to increase yield and reducing labour costs by over 50%, whilst increasing productivity and creating a safe working environment.

Existing Customers 

If you would like to find out more about how our crosscut sawing machines can benefit your business, we can put you in touch with existing customers who can explain how effective our cutting machinery is.

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